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Monochrome sketch commissions!

Thank you ame, Ami, celes, Kurot and renka! The drawings were supposed to be monochrome but I added characters’ eye colors and more for gratitude for their patience <3 Thank you once again!

hngngngngn YOOANI IS SO PERFECT/////////////////////////////////// IM EXPLODING

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extremely belated for twitch o<-<

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If you do donate please send me a fanmail with a link to the character/request! If it’s from an existing show you can just name the show and character in the note~

Thank you for the generous donations!!


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existing clover family chars

Raleigh & Matheus belong to Celes, Conrad and Ferdinand to Twitch and Lucas to moomin

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ça fait trop longtemps, mon ami. je t’ai manqué?

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lawofX_60min tag on twitter!

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get on the broomstick losers, we&#8217;re going vampire hunting

get on the broomstick losers, we’re going vampire hunting

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fiddery asked: Knight would like to know #25, for research purposes only. sweats.

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Anonymous asked: Hey Ame-san, what color do you usually use to color skins when using watercolors?


it’s called Flesh Tint?? It’s a Reeves tube, but i often mix some sort or red/blue/purple tone in it. I rarely use it on its own!

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Let's talk about life as a student in Hogwarts.
  • Send me numbers!
  • 1. What house will you be in?
  • 2. If the sorting hat was on you and it said you'd be great in a house you didn't consider before, will you follow his advice or choose what house you want?
  • 3. What kind of animal would you bring to school?
  • 4. If you were in class, where would you normally sit?
  • 5. What do you think you'll be doing right now?
  • 6. What's the core of your wand?
  • 7. Do you think you'll be part of the quidditch team?
  • 8. Will you be part of any organization???
  • 9. Will you go home during holidays?
  • 10. Do you think you'll have friends from other houses?
  • 11. What will you pack for school?
  • 12. How about when going home for holidays, what will you bring home?
  • 13. Would you consider studying in another wizarding school?
  • 14. Do you think you'll be a prefect or head girl/boy?
  • 15. Are you going to be a pure-blood or half-blood or muggle-born?
  • 16. Will you be related to any wizarding family?
  • 17. Will you be a student who gets into trouble a lot?
  • 18. Do you think you'll get a lot of detention? For what reason/s?
  • 19. On hogsmeade visits, what shops will you go to?
  • 20. Will you be supportive of your house's quidditch team?
  • 21. Will you read Hogwarts: A History?
  • 22. Do you think you'll get a lot of letters from home? How frequent do you think you'll get them?
  • 23. Will you subscribe to the daily prophet or the quibbler or other wizarding world media?
  • 24. Which part of the castle will be your favorite?
  • 25. When sleeping in your dormitory, will your four-poster bed's curtains be drawn or closed?
  • 26. If the team your house played against wins, do you think you'll be bitter towards the other team after the game?
  • 27. Do you think you'll be a fan of wizard music?
  • 28. Will you be curious enough to try and explore the whole castle, even if you know you can get in trouble for visiting some parts of it?
  • 29. How frequent will your visits to the library be?
  • 30. If someone was to form an organization similar to dumbledore's army, will you join?
  • 31. If you were to get detention, what task would you prefer? Would you want to scrub cauldrons or clean trophies or sort through unlabeled books or…?
  • 32. On your o.w.l.s, what subject/s will you get an O in? Which ones do you think you’ll get a T on?
  • 33. How about in your n.e.w.t.s?
  • 34. If you were a pure-blood, would you take interest in reading muggle literature?
  • 35. At what time do you think you'll go to bed on weekdays?
  • 36. Would you prefer firewhiskey over butterbeer?
  • 37. What wizard snack would be your favorite? Or which one would you like to try?
  • 38. Will you collect chocolate frog cards?
  • 39. Will you keep track of which flavor of beans you already tried?
  • 40. What quidditch team (excluding hogwarts houses) will you support?
  • 41. What classes will you take for n.e.w.t.s?
  • 42. What will your boggart be?
  • 43. Will you stay in the hog’s head or the three broomsticks?
  • 44. If you are of age, will you try to enter the triwizard tournament if they ever host one again?
  • 45. What do you think happens during graduation?
  • 46. Will you see the thestrals carrying the carriages?
  • 47. If you were invited to join the slug club, will you accept the invitation?
  • 48. Will you consider becoming a professor in hogwarts after school?
  • 49. What would your patronus be?
  • 50. What memory will you think of when making a patronus?
  • 51. What year are you suppose to be in right now?